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Meet Licensed Acupuncturist and Intuitive Healer Anne Alyse Ostis

Learn about Anne Alyse’s expertise in holistic medicine and more.


Anne Alyse Ostis HeadshotWhether it’s in person in her Nevada City office or in Los Gatos, California, Anne Alyse Ostis has helped countless people renew their health and revitalize their natural energy through acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Healing.  Her success in helping others can be attributed to her passion to continuously learn and share of knowledge. She often participates in many health seminars, discussion panels, and expositions, plus has traveled in the U.S. and Europe to teach energy medicine and more. Anne Alyse is currently licensed by the State of California.

Educated, Enlightened and Empathetic  

After earning both a BA in Sociology and a minor in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Anne Alyse continued her professional education in the health sciences for many years. In her early years, she obtained a degree and worked as a mobile intensive care paramedic. Then, she shifted her focus to preventative medicine, becoming a therapeutic massage practitioner. Following this, Anne Alyse diversified her studies and gained recognition as a Reike Master, as well as gained a deeper knowledge of holistic medicine through a three-year Ayurvedic Study program at The Evergreen Herb Farm in Placerville, California. 

A gifted individual in structural correction and energy medicine, Anne Alyse practiced her work for over 20 years before further enhancing her knowledge in pain relief and internal medicine. She graduated from Five Branches University, extending her practice as a licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist. Her work is effective for pain release as well as in many aspects of health management.  

Anne Alyse pursued advanced studies in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, fertility and weight loss as well as blood analysis, functional medicine and nutritional sciences. And today, she currently practices Classical Five Elements Acupuncture, which focused on finding the root cause of an individual’s internal struggle.

An Intuitive Gift of Healing

With special her intuitive abilities, Anne Alyse can also discern energy blockages in the physical body. The feeling of blockage can be subtle. However, once it is released, patients often experience a wonderful feeling of lightness and clarity.  

“As individuals, sometimes we can’t explain what we feel. It’s a feeling deep down, and it is often a culmination of many things we can’t put into words. This includes influences from our DNA, family messages, family programming and even what we unconsciously think about. It is often our belief systems that keep us stuck,” says Anne Alyse.

When you make an appointment to  see Anne Alyse for an intuitive healing, you may also experience feeling lighter, freer and more peaceful.  Anne Alyse may provide additional guidelines so you can make the most of your newfound clarity. Discover the benefits for yourself by making an appointment today.


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Bringing the Knowledge Together | An Eastern & Western Education

Anne Alyse Ostis has received extensive  education from leading universities and practices including:

• BA in Sociology and Minor in Pyschology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

• Reiki Master

• Ayurvedic Study program at The Evergreen Herb Farm in Placerville, CA

• Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist, graduating from Five Branches University

• Classical Five Elements Acupuncture

Anne Alyse is also a teacher of energy medicine and is licensed by the State of CA.


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