About Anne Alyse


Anne  Alyse began her education with a BA in Sociology and a minor in  Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  After  she received her Bachelor's degrees Anne Alyse began a long diverse  education in the health sciences.   In the onset of her career, she  obtained a degree and worked as a mobile intensive care paramedic.   After a few year she shifted her focus to preventative medicine,   becoming a therapeutic massage practitioner.  She closely followed that  with recognition as a Reike Master and a three year Ayurvedic Study  program at The Evergreen Herb Farm in Placerville, California. 

Honing  her skills in structural correction and energy medicine, Anne Alyse was  in practice for over 20 years before further enhancing and deepening  her work with pain relief and internal medicine.  She graduated from  Five Branches University, extending her practice as a licensed Chinese  Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist.   Her work is effective for pain  release as well as in many aspects of health management.    

She  has continued her studies, taking advanced classes in Mei Zen Cosmetic  Acupuncture, fertility and weight loss as well as blood analysis,  functional medicine and nutritional sciences.  After having completed  extensive course work, Anne Alyse currently practices Classical Five  Elements Acupuncture. She finds this to be a beautiful system of  medicine that addresses the root cause of an individual's internal  struggle. 

Anne  Alyse currently treats patients in two locations, Los Gatos and Nevada City and has traveled outside of her Nevada City office location to  participate in numerous health seminars, discussion panels, and  expositions and has traveled in the U.S. and Europe to teach energy  medicine.   She is currently licensed by the State of California.    
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