Discover how acupuncture can help restore your constitutional health.

Anne  Alyse practices a form of acupuncture from an ancient text, the Nan Jing. This method of acupuncture is called Five Elements Acupuncture. She received extensive training in this method of Acupuncture  from Neil Gumenick, who, in turn, studied with J.R. Worsley in  England. This form of acupuncture focuses primarily on restoring Constitutional Health. By treating the cause of disease rather than the symptoms healing occurs deeply and naturally. The symptoms dissipate  permanently as the you become a healthier version of yourself.   With  this method healing occurs from the inside out. 

Healing is based on your unique constitution
Every individual  has a unique constitution, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, or Wood.  By  balancing nature within us, health is restored at a deep level, which in  turn augments a feeling of well being on all levels, mental, physical,  emotional and spiritual.  Physical symptoms lessen and eventually  disappear as you feel  an increase in mental clarity and a greater sense  of well being and satisfaction.  Patients usually say that they feel  more like themselves.

How are these sessions different from other forms of Acupuncture? With  other forms of acupuncture practitioners often work with several  patients simultaneously, moving from one room to another. You will  receive Anne Alyse's undivided attention while you work with her. Before treating she takes time with you. Moxabustion is used before acupuncture techniques to warm up channels and points, strengthening and  freeing up energy that is stuck in your body.   The session results are  palpable as you will feel a positive shift after each session.  

The initial session will require a 90 minute time commitment.  After that each session will run 60 minutes.