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Five Elements Acupuncture

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the Anne Alyse Ostis HeadshotAnne Alyse practices Five Elements Acupuncture, which is a form of acupuncture based on an ancient text, the Nan Jing.  Five Elements acupuncture specializes in restoring your Constitutional Health. This means it treats the cause of disease instead of the symptoms, which helps promote healing occurs deeply and naturally. The result?  The symptoms often disappear permanently as you transform into  much healthier version of yourself—healing occurs from the inside out.


Trained by One the Leading Experts in Five Elements Acupuncture  

Anne Alyse gained her extensive skills and knowledge in Five Elements Acupuncture by training with Neil Gumenick, one of the world’s leading practitioners, who previously studied with J.R. Worsley in England. 

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The initial session will require a 90 minute time commitment so you can gain the maximum benefit. After that, each session is 60 minutes long, which helps build upon and maintain the health benefits of acupuncture.

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Five Elements Acupuncture Works with Your Body’s Natural Constitution. 

Every individual has a unique constitution, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, or Wood. Anne Alyse applies acupuncture to balance nature within you, so health is restored at a deep level. This in turn enhances the feeling of well being on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Treatment helps your physical symptoms eventually disappear — and better yet, you start enjoying an increase in mental clarity as well as a greater sense of well being and satisfaction. Patients usually say that they feel more like themselves!

How are Five Elements Acupuncuture sessions different from other forms of Acupuncture? With other types of acupuncture, practitioners often meet with several patients at the same time, moving from one room to another.

Anne Alyse gives you her complete, undivided attention while you work with her.

Even before your acupuncture treatment, she takes time with you to prepare you for your session. She will apply a treatment called moxabustion before the Five Elements Acupuncture techniques to warm up your body’s energy channels and points, which helps strengthen and free up energy that is stuck in your body. The session results are often felt immediately, and if you are like most individuals,  you will feel a wonderful positive shift of energy and well-being after each session.


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