Energy Medicine

Free up the vitality and energy in your body with the Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing. healer

remote healing psychic healer "The Ostis Method of Intuitive  Healing".  This combination helps clear emotional blockages that  hinder the flow of energy through the body.  No need to leave the  comfort of your own home.  Each session is done over the phone and takes one hour.  Phone sessions provide a distraction free focus.    

Your intuitive healing session will help you to awaken to a deeper connection  and cognitive understanding of your held energy patterns.   

These  energy patterns appear as congested areas in the body which can  manifest as physical or emotional pain.  Anne Alyse utilizes her knowledge of Chinese Medical channel theory to help you to clear blockages in your channels, communicating with you as she goes.  According to Chinese Medicine "Where there is blockage there is pain and  when there is pain, there is blockage".  As you open the channels of  Chi (Qi) energy flow through the meridians of your body you also have the ability to release physical and emotional pain—therefore,  positively affecting medical conditions.

Through  the power of intuition and self-awareness, you become aware of your own  deep connections to these areas where your natural flow has been  hindered. 

Anne Alyse provides the  space for you to integrate a deeper  cognitive understanding of how you sequester and free up energy in your  own body.    

By reading and clearing energy blockages in your body, you  feel a sense of ease and lightness as physical and/or emotional pain  releases from your body. You leave the session with a renewed sense of  self, feeling clear in mind, body and spirit.