A holistic approach to health care

Over  the course of many centuries, Classical and Traditional Chinese  Medicine (TCM) was designed as a unique system to diagnose and treat  illnesses.  Chinese Medicine is fundamentally different from The Western  Medical model of health care in that it is a holistic model stemming  from The Daoist Tradition. Differentiation of syndromes is the basis of  Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

Treatments can be very effective
Once an  accurate diagnosis is made, Acupuncture, Moxabustion, Electrical Stimulation, Cupping and Herbal Medicines are used to treat the  condition.  TCM treatments can be incredibly effective for acute and  chronic long term illnesses.  Longer, more chronic illnesses may need a  longer course of treatments.  

More immediate relief 

Acupuncture helps the condition immediately while herbal medicine continues to treat the patient between office visits. Sessions include acupuncture as well as consultations  on diet, herbs, and nutrition. 

Add Cupping, Cranial work and Energy Medicine to your acupuncture session
Cupping and cranial work can be administered in your acupuncture sessions.  These sessions require a 75 minute appointment.  So please schedule appropriately for the time that is needed.